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Around the Clouds

Information Security

If clients have higher than usual safety concerns, we offer additional services based on the Security as a Service model, including:

  • Data Leak Prevention (DLP) system
  • Monitoring system for I/O devices
  • Monitoring system for incoming web traffic
  • Data coding system
  • Identification and authentication system
  • Server antivirus protection system
  • VPN communication channel protection system
  • Intrusion detection and prevention system
  • Firewall system
  • Remote protected access system
  • Personal Data Protection System (PDPS)
  • PCI DSS compliance assurance system
  • STOBR IBBS compliance assurance system
  • Vulnerability management system
  • Event collection/correlation and information protection incident management system
  • Internal audit and compliance assurance system

Software Rental

The Software as a Service model means software (Microsoft, 1C, SAP B1, Linux and others) rental options for clients. Now you can forget about wasting money on expensive software like Microsoft SQL Server and the associated capital expenses. When renting software, you can pick and choose the programs you need and make monthly payments based only on how much you use them. Never worry again about staying up to date on the latest versions or configuring updates.

Telecommunication Services

CloudDC proudly offers telecommunication services specially selected for quick and reliable work with our cloud infrastructure.

Internet Access

With guaranteed bandwidth, this option is perfect for the clients who need a specific amount of internet bandwidth set aside exclusively for their needs. CloudDC guarantees the amount of bandwidth stipulated in the contract where the client specified his particular limits.

For clients who don’t need bandwidth 100% reserved for their needs, we also offer unguaranteed bandwidth, which is much less financially demanding than its guaranteed twin.

Access to the traffic exchange point (MSK IX or other IXs) and other operators.

Management of a separate channel to the traffic exchange point/ISP

Clients win big here because traffic to the internet plus the cost of a channel to an IX is cheaper than traffic on a remote point of presence, and the connectivity is light-years ahead.

Cooperation with RIPE NCC, IPv4/v6 Address Space Registration, Automated Systems (AS) and Their Support

CloudDC holds LIR status in RIPE NCC, so we are thus authorized to represent the interests of our clients in this organization, including to query resources, and account for and support the client’s existing resources in their current state. This service is perfect for anyone who wants to launch his own AS and public address space, but doesn’t have the ability/resources to do so independently.

DDoS protection protects client resources from DDoS attacks

BGP FlowSpec is great for clients who are familiar working with the FlowSpec protocol. An expanded BGP protocol that blocks ip:port combinations on networks ranking higher than the providers successfully prevents malicious traffic from entering the client’s network and helps avoid channel overloads.

The DDoS Qrator protection service is the best possible option for clients who need their resources to be under constant protection. All traffic up to the protected resource must go through Qrator’s filtering center.

The DDos Kaspersky protection service is very much similar to Qrator. The biggest difference is that its traffic typically does not pass through the filtering center. First, a special sensor spots the start of an attack, then the flow of traffic is transferred to the filtering center.

Network Infrastructure (Safety) Audit

Audits are used to detect the vulnerabilities, errors and rights of entry in software and hardware settings that open up the system to intrusion, emergency and information theft risks. With this method, we can evaluate the current state of the client’s infrastructure and make an informed decision on the most pressing safety policy and modernization issues. Clients seek this service if they want to assess the quality of their network infrastructure, but they either don’t have the ability/resources to do it themselves, or they want the opinion of an independent company.


One of the most crucial and labor-intensive needs when it comes to cloud services is the migration of information systems to the infrastructure of a cloud provider.

CloudDC is here to help guide you through the process of how you can seamlessly migrate and adapt your systems to CloudDC’s cloud infrastructure.

Take a look at the full list of our integrated migration services, including:

  • Detailed audit of existing infrastructure
  • Preparation of the cloud architecture
  • Development of design specifications and implementation schedule
  • Help and recommendations when choosing additional service providers
  • System migration to cloud infrastructure, including the testing of performance capabilities, productivity, and fail-safe features.

Professional Services

The CloudDC team is a veritable tapestry of talented, specialized professionals with practical experience applying the most advanced software and hardware solutions.

Our in-house experts include specialists in Microsoft, Linux, 1C, SAP, IB, and others.

We know clients are tired of trying to manage every single solution they need, and we are ready to free them from that responsibility.

  • IT infrastructure audit with subsequent recommendations on optimization options
  • Development of projects and design specifications for cloud services
  • Implementation and support for both the client’s cloud infrastructure and chosen services
  • Audit of IB systems and bringing them into line with FZ-152


Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) distribute and deliver content to speed up how fast websites, media data and game content downloads. Use a CDN to lower the time content takes to reach your end users and consumers, and speed up how fast your website downloads.

CloudDC partners with NGENIX to offer CDN services to increase the quality of services (QoS) of multimedia content providers, distributors and software producers, game companies, and owners of “heavy” websites.

NGENIX can help cut down on launch time for content services and drastically reduce expenses on the design, development, building and deployment of your own solutions. NGENIX’s distributed cloud platform can deliver video on request, host live internet streams, reliably manage the distribution of digital content, speed up website download, and improve the productivity of web applications.

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